Landor at FESPA Global Print Expo

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Landor at FESPA Global Print Expo

We were delighted to exhibit at the FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin last week. It is Europe’s largest exhibition for screen and digital wide format print, textile printing and signage.

Our innovative and impactful Phototex product, displayed in a gallery style with dynamic images by leading London creative agency Studio BLUP, attracted a lot of interest.

Phototex is our unique repositionable & printable self-adhesive fabric – in various formats – it allows brands, agencies and printers to create engaging solutions for advertising, promotions, retail spaces, pop-up shops, point of sale, signage, exhibitions, venues and galleries to express themselves with smart graphic communication, illustration, fine art & photography. When finished with one our liquid lamination products, that both protects and enhances print, the results are spectacular.

We had visitors from around the world talking to our team. We had insight, information and introductions with visitors from the US, Israel, Russia, China and Croatia to name just a few. We also enjoyed meeting other exhibitors in a wide array of industries.

The show was held at the hugely impressive Messe Berlin the exhibition grounds in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. The vast premises, built in 1936, comprise twenty-six halls covering 160,000 square metres including the impressive Funkturm Berlin Radio Tower a former broadcasting beacon. It was constructed between 1924 and 1926 to designs by the architect Heinrich Straumer, der lange Lulatsch (“the lanky lad”) is one of the best-known city landmarks and, while no longer used for broadcasting purposes, it remains a protected monument.

We had a great time in the city and were truly inspired by its classic and contemporary art and architecture. There is a wealth of fabulous graffiti on parts of the former Berlin Wall and for a special urban treat the city held its annual wall “First of all” festival – this is a celebration to crown Berlin as one of the most exciting street art metropolises of all.

So it was really good time, and great timing for us, we are passionate about wall brand art and all that want to celebrate creativity.

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Making Wall Graphics Look Brilliant with Phototex Repositionable Wall Covering

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A lot of our work comes from the motorsports industry, which as you can probably guess means everything we produce has to always look twice as good as anything else in order to please our customers sponsors. After all, nobody in their right mind would ever sponsor a racing team that put crappy looking graphics on their cars!

We have two rules when it comes to printing for motorsports customers. The first is whatever we print has to look amazing and have built-in ‘sponsor appeal’, and the second is it has to handle really well when we apply it to the body of their very expensive racing cars. But it’s not all about vehicle graphics. We have to produce a broad range of wall and floor graphics for these teams as well and, historically speaking, wall graphics have always been a bit of a challenge for us to get right. This is why we thought we’d give Phototex a bit of a go.  

In a nutshell, Phototex is a self-adhesive fabric based wide format print media that can be used to create either short-term or permanent wall decor graphics – straight out of the box. 

On first inspection the material itself has quite a tight weave/texture to it, and a nice sheen too, which makes for a great overall even print finish. The finish of the material is also ‘tight’ enough for the ink to bed-in and not spread out into the weave, which would almost certainly de-focus the print. 

We ran the material through our OKI ColorPainter WS64 on a banner material profile, 8 pass run, and it worked perfectly with no banding issues. The artwork we set up was a mixture of photographic images and vectors with fades and tints, all of which went down without a hitch. We then profiled the material in and, to be honest, the difference was marginal, so a standard banner profile will work ok. 

As mentioned above, we do quite a bit of wall art for the teams offices and other associated businesses, some of which we update a couple of times a year. This gives us the headache of stripping off self adhesive from painted surfaces, which never ends well, but now that Phototex has hit the scene, those worries are no more! 

We have used similar products in the past and have found them to be quite difficult to print on successfully. This was mostly due to the depth of the weave and that the adhesives never seem to be quite ‘man’ enough for slightly uneven or old surfaces. Nothing ruins your day quite like watching your freshly fitted wall art slowly un-peel itself from the wall! 

We have found the adhesives on Phototex to be ‘just right’, the initial grab is not severe enough to cause positioning issues but once fitted it stays in place just fine. If you misalign a drop, simply whip it back up and reposition as many times as needed. A key thing to bear in mind while working with this material is trimming, as we don’t like overlapped edges on wall art (we are finicky like that). This material also cuts down a treat, so there are no stringy bits of material hanging off anywhere. We also found that Phototex is really good for contour cutting! We popped a few bits of artwork through the printer then on to our Graphtec cutter and it cut out the logos a treat, and with no stringy leftovers! So it’s extremely versatile as well. 

However, what I think makes this material really stand out from the crowd is its dimensional stability; no distortion or stretching at all, no matter how much pull you apply. So if a wall graphic aligns at the top it will also be bang-on at the bottom – even with a heavy ink load the stability is not affected.  Another thing I really liked was how the release liner drops off nice and easy. It’s a small thing but it helps not to be fighting a material even before fitting! 

Phototex is a pretty straightforward, simple, easy-to-use product suited to a massive range of interior graphics applications. What you put up will stay up, and for as long as its required, and when it comes to taking it down it simply peels off and leaves no messy residue behind. So as a graphics company, whether it is for permanent office wall art or retail promotional posters that change, or short exhibition panels and promotions, we know we will be able to rely on Phototex in future to get the job done.

Landor Phototex – The Inspirational Adhesive Fabric

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Landor Phototex has made an inspirational mark throughout the sign and display, Point of sale, Interiors, Photo, art and Events market for the past 10 years. In 2010 it made its first television appearance on the Gadget show, where Tommy Walsh and Suzi Peri competed decorating a wall by applying a traditional wall paper versus Landor Phototex.  The result : Phototex was the clear winner!

Landor Phototex has inspired and enhanced many homes, offices, Retail and public venues as well as museums, galleries and sometimes the most unusual places inside and outside.

For many it has solved many visual design, install problems or challenges. For others it has covered or transformed work, home, leisure and public venues in ways that just simply were not possible before. Added branding, added transformation, added effect and added inspiration as well as added choice of surface imaging has gone to depths not so easy a feat until Landor Phototex was created. One of the greatest challenges today is the versatility, durability, and stability of printed images and the transformation of a wall, or surface without the potential damage when that space needs to be changed.

The magic of Landor Phototex  presents itself not only in its naturally woven polyester fabric and its ink receptivity and compatibility with almost all ink technologies, but even more particularly in the adhesive itself. Even now there are no known adhesives, let alone a fabric adhesive that can attach to a wall and yet be repositioned up to 200 times, remain stable throughout its life, be it short term or long term without a change in the adhesive. Usually, after a very short time after adhering, a film or paper adhesive hardens and consequently causes damage either from adhesive residue or surface damage, rendering the need for repair, or renewal of walls before they can be re-used.  This extra cost, disruption and bottleneck are not an issue with Landor Phototex.

Today Landor Phototex continues to retain its recognised and proud position as the single most successful selling adhesive printable fabric in the world.

It all started whilst at University for this passionate  and ambitious  South Korean manufacturer, wanting to create a printable fabric. His hard work and determination were soon rewarded and made Landor Phototex possible, and a pleasurable solution to many.

What we did not know was that not only would the creative-minded, such as artists, photographers and interior designers grasp on this novel and aesthetic substrate but the sign and display, retail, advertising and promotional markets would want it as much and more, as it became clear that time, labour, skill, and effort would be saved in the list of many common risks and events that are commonplace when applying adhesive substrates in most common interiors and surfaces.

Landor phototex will last as long as 7-10 years and have posters, stickers and wallpapers to prove this and are now celebrating ten years

Sports events managed by FIFA, World Olympics, Euro 2016, to mention but a few are proof that despite its higher material cost, Landor phototex self- adhesive fabric is at the forefront of everyone’s imagination as to how best cover walls and surfaces quickly, tirelessly and painlessly.

Landor UK Ltd is the Pan European, MEA distributor for Landor Phototex Self adhesive fabric. Through its channel of partners in distribution and in print, Landor manage and support a wide segment of the print and display industry with the proven best in adhesive and fabric print .

Landor is also a specialist in the coating and protection of digital prints providing added protection for all types of digital prints inside and outside against the risks of premature damage or degradation of inkjet prints. Using Landor liquid lamination coating products on Landor phototex will further more enhance, protect and secure the longevity of Landor phototex prints in public places,  keeping the ink and surface protected from chemical, UV fade and abrasion.

For more information please contact Landor UK Ltd on +44 1252 624411 or email

Landor Phototex – The Unique Non Residue Self Adhesive Fabric

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Landor Phototex has become recognised as the best most reliable and stable,  printable,  self adhesive  fabric in the world. Undoubtedly one of the first in the market,  Phototex was developed by its founder to make a fabric printable when previously this was not possible.   Although there are now similar fabric products in the market feedback we have from clients confirm our pride and honour to be the “one that works” and “stays on the wall”, which we are frequently reminded of when we get calls from our customers. Adhesive and fabric is not an easy feat, and this is equally challenging when it comes to also having the right inkjet receptive coating to enable vibrant, stable and durable ink printed on the surface. Landor Phototex first became a hit shortly after its appearance in the Gadget show in November 2010 when Suzie Perry and Tony Walsh challenged each other with conventional vs digital wallpaper.

Saving time and money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days, and although the material cost is considerably higher than plastic and other alternative adhesive films in the market, this is but a small portion of the cost of the job or project. In the main the key costs are the labour, time, effort, risks, skill and accuracy of an installation. In addition to this is the disruption, wall and surface preparation and of course the stability of the finish artwork or graphic. This is where Landor Phototex really saves time and money. At least 2/3 of the time spent either in preparation or removal, cleaning and installing for a wall or surface is reduced when using Landor Phototex. Its flexibility to peel and stick and re-position time and again by hand gives you the efficiency and accuracy of any size of Landor Phototex installed self adhesive fabric.

You can even use it again if you want. We have displays 3m high x 1m  that have been used at trade show exhibitions since 2012 that were rolled up onto themselves removed from the exhibition and still standing strong in our company Boardroom. As well as its texture and aesthetic feel Landor Phototex can also be further protected for extended durability especially in high traffic areas and public areas by using our specially formulated Landor Wallpaper Matt Liquid Protective Laminate coating

It is for this reason we are proud and delighted to share the many features and benefits of Landor Phototex. It has been used in sports events such as the Olympics, Fifa events and Euro 2016 recently in paris.

There are so many different areas that Landor Phototex is capable of transforming venues, rooms, surfaces, office, hotels, and homes alike. If you would like to see Landor Phototex for yourself, you must let us know and we will be delighted to send you a free sample.

Please contact us by email or call us on +44 1252 624411

Landor Phototex – What Makes it Unique?

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The largest challenge with the construction as well as invention of self adhesive in fabric is the nature of the fabric and its behaviour as a woven product rather than a smooth processed film. Climate, humidity, temperature can cause expansion and shrinkage of most plastic substrates un detected by the eye. Therefore to make a fabric that you can safely install onto a surface you need to have a stability and a flexibility. This is one of the key factors to the uniqueness of Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric. Most adhesives over time harden and this will in itself create air movement, bubbles and can lead to falling off the surface. This is a similar challenge facing lamination films. Our unique adhesive and ink receptive coating does not change over time. But this stability in our adhesive also is critical to the dependability of our fabric remaining stable on different surfaces as well as in different or variable environments.  Flexibility is key. Just like our Liquid Lamination coatings where the key attribute and necessary characteristic is flexibility to adjust with its surrounding surface or substates, when temperature, humidity changes occur, it is essential that the adhesive has a tolerance and adaptability when these environments change. The additional exposure of Landor Phototex  in its manufacturing process to extreme heat, and to extreme cold also ensures that as many imperfections are cured out of it before it is used. Both adhesive and inkjet receptive coatings need to be very flexible and this is what is done to guarantee the success of Landor Phototex.

When you print onto a roll of Landor Phototex, you also need to be assured that the combination of adhesion of ink, flexibility of the fabric, ink saturation are at their optimum for the printed image visually as well as good adhesion to the surface. The long term durability therefore of Landor Phototex now over 10 years in the market, is guaranteed. As more and more users take on Landor Phototex as their preferred self adhesive surface covering, the more creative and innovative projects and ideas make their way onto all sorts of surfaces and in all sorts of different applications. And don’t forget: If you want to double the live or preserve the life of your Landor Phototex project check out all you need to know about Landor Liquid Laminates and don’t forget that if you want more information please do join The Phototex Tech Club

If you want to see a sample to test and consider for yourself then please do write to us info@http://The Phototex Tech or call us on +44 1252 624411 or +44 1204265266. We look forward to hearing from you and also assisting and guiding you in any way we can help you with your ideas, projects and innovations!

What Makes Landor Phototex Unique?

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The major influence in Landor Phototex and what makes it stand out is first and foremost in its unique adhesive but also in the quality of its print result .

Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric is permanently re-movable, repositionable fabric when applied to any smooth non porous surface. Landor Phototex is printable with virtually any ink technology. Its most popular is Inkjet, using Pigment, Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and latex inks. Wide format of course makes the size and application endless in possibilities. As well as a non residue adhesive, this in itself is very difficult to achieve because most glues harden and stiffen, and permanently bond over time. Landor Phototex adhesive does not. Special pre- and post manufacture treatments also ensures its reliability and stability, incuding exposing it to high heat and cold to remove any imperfections in the fabric.

Inkjet coatings usually need to be quite dense in order to produce a vibrant looking printed image. Most fabrics cannot achieve this because the flexibility of coating is critical in fabric constructions. This is again where Landor Phototex remains flexible, and bonded well with ink, coatings, and adhesives provides the most reliable, durable, stable  adhesive & fabric, – Reposition as many times as you like, virtually anywhere – indoor or outdoors.- with Landor Phototex.

Talk Design and Print – Custom Wallpaper Featuring Landor Phototex

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Don’t want the hassle of pasting wallpaper and want it to be easy to remove? Use Landor Phototex. Custom Wallpaper feature from Talk Design and Print.

Print Week, “Star product: Phototex”

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Print Week recognise how good Phototex is as a market leading digital wall covering.

Metro Imaging and Landor Phototex

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Metro Imaging work with leading contemporary artist to create a unique wall design at Oval Space
Over 30 years of experience and expertise in the creative market has seen London’s Metro Imaging work with some of the world’s most inspirational photographers. Metro recently worked with Seecum Cheung, artist and arts curator for Oval Space in East London, to create a large scale project space in the entrance lobby using Landor Phototex, a unique self adhesive fabric wallpaper.

Seecum Cheung designed the artwork using gold as her theme, whilst she explored the link between commerce, surveillance and seduction. Focusing on the idea of the captured image as a valuable resource for companies and governments in consumer analysis – hence drawing parallels between the values of gold and data.

The project was very successful and a delighted Seecum Cheung commented “As data collection is ingrained into our everyday lives, enveloping audiences in images of surveillance using the subtle intentions of wallpaper was important to the concept though I was hard pressed to find a material that would deliver the print quality that I required. I also needed it to be affordable whilst limiting damage to the walls, and due to time constraints it needed to be easy to install.

“My sponsors at Metro Imaging presented Landor Phototex to me and instantly we agreed that it was the perfect material to use. We installed it over in less than 24 hours and were greatly impressed by the results.”


Steve Mcleod, director at Metro Imaging said “For some time we have had requests from artists for a photographic material that could be utilised as an immersive product particularly relevant to installation and constructed spaces.

In-line with our solutions based attitude at Metro Imaging we investigated various options and found that Landor Phototex had all the qualities that we were looking for. The product was of the quality we expect in producing high end photographic works and could be utilised in a way that was able to uphold aesthetic scrutiny as well as being a robust product able to withstand wear and yet have a low impact on site location.

The material has an excellent tonal range and has a direct synergy with the photographic materials that we commonly use, as we strive to offer more options and to expand the possibilities that photographic imaging can deliver it is a welcome addition to our services.

About Metro Imaging Metro Imaging is the UK’s leading professional photographic lab, committed to providing the highest standards of service and excellence to the photographic industry. With over thirty years of experience of the imaging industry, we have the ability to adapt fast to marketplace changes consistently offering innovative and unique services. Our comprehensive exhibition services, utilising oneto-one production management by expert technicians, printers and framers means we can cover every aspect of image production, including a full in-house service, from concept to final installation.

In addition to our walk in premises in EC1 we have Metroprint; taking Metro Imaging’s high-level of investment and expertise online and available to all photographers. This service is designed around a growing number of photographers who want remote expertise and 24 hour ordering at very affordable prices. Of course traditional, specialist printing services will always remain central to Metro’s business but Metroprint makes everything customers have always liked about Metro; good colour management; top end machines, genuine black and white prints on black and white paper, available 24 hours via the web.

Artist Lucie Conoley’s paintings map the urban heartland of London.

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Artist Lucie Conoley’s paintings map the urban heartland of London.
Increasingly artists have sought to re-imagine the way we use maps, to make them less of a tool and more of a statement. London artist Lucie Conoley has made a name for herself by creating personalised maps of the city streets.

Her bespoke maps range from postcards and canvases right up to large format murals. Each of these reproductions can document the life of a person in their area and showing special places or significant moments in people’s lives.
Most recently Lucie was commissioned to provide a large 1.5 metre x 7 metre mural which was inkjet printed on Landor Phototex.
Lucie commented “I wanted to use a material that complimented the texture and feel of my canvas prints, Landor Phototex is a fantastic product, just perfect for what I need.
“It’s so easy to apply and allows me to extend the range of surfaces and applications my work can be used for.”
Lucie Conoley – artist

I’m mapping my way around the world here, one little town at a time.

Protect and enhance your prints with Landor Liquid Lamination Coatings. Get the FREE product guide and much more from the Liquid Lamination Club. .

Phototex was used by Suzi from TV Station Five’s ‘Gadget Show’, when she competed against and beat Tommy Walsh in a decorating challenge using Landor Phototex. Speed of install and Ease of Install makes all the difference!

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