All About Landor Phototex – Self Adhesive Fabric

Landor Phototex is Easy for Everyone, Almost anywhere

Save Time, Mess, Money, risk, or surface Damage every time – Again and Again

Click video below to see how easy it is – Childs Play by elliot Landor – 11 yrs old! 

Landor Phototex is the World’s best selling,  fully guaranteed and proven product that can be removed and re-positioned, again and again. Its special Unique adhesive, with its unique and patented adhesive is so stable that it will remain on virtually any non porous surface for as long as you want. – as well as saving time and money, preparation and reparation where ever it is placed.  Installers and End users alike love Phototex because it saves them all the extra work, preparation, risk and time associated with most other types of surface installation materials

Landor Phototex  is easy, quick, and effortless to hang, remove and even reposition, again and again if desired – and its patented adhesive will never leave any residue! This it what makes it so unique . For full drop wall coverings. posters, stickers, Signs, advertising and promotional applications. In store Retail, Commercial office, Home, Photography,

Home wallcovering drops are  easy to hang and unlike pasted wallpaper, and self adhesive films, even if there are bubbles then you can peel it back, reposition to get a smooth surface coverage. As many times as you need.  You can even remove it and put it somewhere else, or save it for use another time.

No mess, Disruption, clean up either, as Phototex has its own unique adhesive. Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric is a winning wallpaper against standard pasted wallpaper and wall coverings. Professional decorators are not necessary as you can do it yourself –  take Elliots lead in his ‘easy as that’ video and have a go yourself.

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For added protection you can also use a hand roller, spray, paint pad and protect and prevent damage, enable washability and protection for extended life by using Landor Liquid lamination products. Visit Contact us by phone or email us for any help or guidance you need.

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Phototex was used by Suzi from TV Station Five’s ‘Gadget Show’, when she competed against and beat Tommy Walsh in a decorating challenge using Landor Phototex. Speed of install and Ease of Install makes all the difference!

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