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Congratulations on becoming a member of the Phototex Tech Club.

You now have access to technical information that is ever evolving thanks to continual testing and customer feedback. If you have any new ideas we would love to hear from you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or by email. One of the benefits of being part of the Tech Club is access to our Blog where you can both find out more about Phototex and post your comments.

To find out how good Phototex is, try a sample roll, including P&P for only £12. Your first special offer as a member of the Phototex Tech Club. Plus, if you like it we will credit £12 against your first order. HAPPY HANGING!!

Warmest regards,

Derric Landor founder of Landor UK. LinkedIn

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Protect and enhance your prints with Landor Liquid Lamination Coatings. Get the FREE product guide and much more from the Liquid Lamination Club. .

Phototex was used by Suzi from TV Station Five’s ‘Gadget Show’, when she competed against and beat Tommy Walsh in a decorating challenge using Landor Phototex. Speed of install and Ease of Install makes all the difference!

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