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Landor Phototex has proven  itself time and again  in store. For over 13 years now, Landor Phototex , with its unique, stable, and yet permanently re-positionable and re-movable Self adhesive fabric has eliminated  the many challenges faced with all other and traditional means of surface covering in-store.

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It is the only stable and dependable Time and again for graphic promotion and branding in store. Landor Phototex is the preferred choice for in store branding and inspiring Displays with its versatility and now almost any smooth and non porous surface can be used, and covered with Landor Phototex without any damage or destruction to surfaces time and again. It is even possible to move time and again Landor Phototex printed images almost anywhere . The ease of use, by skilled and unskilled personnel enables Landor Phototex to be removed or installed by anyone as business and promotional and sales needs dictate


Landor Phototex unique patented, paste free adhesive will stick to any surface bubble free. It will not crease and will even work stick and peel off another surface covering, wallpaper or billboard. Landor Phototex Environmental creditentials make it even more valuable as it is entirely child friendly and is now available with a block out and is EU fire certified for public venues and Events. As soon as you need to remove it, temporarily or relocate it you have the certainty that it can be re-installed in moments without the need of a skilled installer.


For short campaigns, press conference venues,  political, public & sports events and a multitude of  retail promotion in store, as well as office and home decoration, Landor Phototex has demonstrated its advantages and benefits that are sure to bring innovative as well as creative impetus into the digital print, marketing, art and photographic markets.

Landor Phototex can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and its unique fabric is recyclable.  Once applied even some sub zero and Desert environments work for Landor Phototex. Get a sample today and try it for yourself. – If you need it to last even longer or it is needed in harsher or heavy traffic areas then talk to us about our Phototex protective coatings. Landor Phototex Wallpaper matt

At Landor, we are ready to support you, guide you and especially endorse for you a multitude of applications and environments where Landor Phototex will work for you since we have over 10 year experience with Phototex in the UK.

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Phototex was used by Suzi from TV Station Five’s ‘Gadget Show’, when she competed against and beat Tommy Walsh in a decorating challenge using Landor Phototex. Speed of install and Ease of Install makes all the difference!

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