What is Phototex?

Phototex wallpaper is a paste free wall covering. Simply print it, peel off the backing paper and put it on the wall or other surface. The unique oil based adhesive means Phototex is fully removable as the adhesive does not cure. No more hassle when putting it up or taking it down. If you’ve never had the pleasure of working with Phototex, and want to learn more about the product look at our application pictures, YouTube channel and so on at www.phototex.co.uk.

If you fancy seeing some printed samples please contact us, or if you wish to create some samples yourself then please contact us to purchase your discounted sample roll.

How easy is Phototex to put up?
Is a special surface needed to stick on?
Can Phototex be used in the bathroom?
How do I make cut out shapes?
Can I put Phototex on newly painted walls?
Can I reuse the sticker/wallpaper when I peel it off?
How much residue is left on the surface when I peel off the sticker or wallpaper?
Is Phototex available in sheets and rolls?
Can Phototex be used outside?
Is Phototex available outside the UK?
How do I keep up to date with Phototex?
What is the best way to Liquid Laminate Phototex?
Can someone print it for me?
Do I need to use application tape?
Do you butt-join or overlap Phototex?
Is the product totally opaque / blockout?
How is Phototex transported?
What is the working temperature range for Phototex?
How do I get a clean cut with my printer cutter on Phototex?
What is the best way to ensure the most accurate cut on Phototex?
Should I let Phototex dry before cutting?
Should Phototex be removed at a certain temperature?
Can I use the Aqueous Phototex with other print technologies?

Got a question thats not on the list?

If you have any questions that you would like answered please send an email to us and we will upload all useful questions and answers.

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