Landor Phototex – The Inspirational Adhesive Fabric

Landor Phototex has made an inspirational mark throughout the sign and display, Point of sale, Interiors, Photo, art and Events market for the past 10 years. In 2010 it made its first television appearance on the Gadget show, where Tommy Walsh and Suzi Peri competed decorating a wall by applying a traditional wall paper versus Landor Phototex.  The result : Phototex was the clear winner!

Landor Phototex – The Unique Non Residue Self Adhesive Fabric

Landor Phototex has become recognised as the best most reliable and stable,  printable,  self adhesive  fabric in the world. Undoubtedly one of the first in the market,  Phototex was developed by its founder to make a fabric printable when previously this was not possible.   Although there are now similar fabric products in the market feedback we have from clients confirm our pride and honour to be the “one that works” and “stays on the wall”, which we are frequently reminded of when we get calls from our customers. Adhesive and fabric is not an easy feat, and this is equally challenging when it comes to also having the right inkjet receptive coating to enable vibrant, stable and durable ink printed on the surface. Landor Phototex first became a hit shortly after its appearance in the Gadget show in November 2010 when Suzie Perry and Tony Walsh challenged each other with conventional vs digital wallpaper.