Below are our current Phototex Versions & Sizes we offer.

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Phototex OPAQUE (OPA) & (OPAS)

(OPA) Opaque/Block Out – Opaque Phototex can be printed with Aqueous, UV & Latex Inks.
Roll Sizes: 42”, 54″ & 60” x 30.5m

(OPAS) Solvent Opaque/Block Out – For Solvent & UV inks available in:
Roll Sizes: 42″, 54” & 60” x 30.5m

99% block-out – Great for wallpaper, overlapping/paneling, Low and No VOC paints, textured walls w/ 20% stronger removable tack than the original and Best for cut-outs.


Phototex & Phototex(s)

Phototex – The original version of Phototex. Coating can be printed with Aqueous, UV or Latex Inks.
Roll Sizes: 17”, 24”, 42”, 50” , 54″ & 60” x 30.5m & 54″x 45m

Phototex(s) – The solvent-coated version of Phototex. Can be printed with any Solvent, UV or Latex Inks.
Rolls Sizes: 30”, 42”, 50”, 54”,& 60” x 30.5m and 54” x 45m.

Great for single print installs, elevator doors, events, promotions, windows, cut-outs and can be backlit

(Can be used on glass (left image) at any temperature). Use Original Version)


Phototex (EX) & (EXS)

Phototex (EX) & (EXS) – A 50% Higher-Tack version of the original versions of Phototex.

(EX) – Aqueous Version available in 42” x 30.5m

(EXS) – Solvent Version available in 50" & 54” x 30.5m

Great for textured walls w/eggshell & orange peel paints, permanent installs w/50% stronger tack.

(Do not use on painted drywall).
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